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2008: FRL’s Index

Before this gets completely stale!

Literary essays accepted for publication: 3

Literary submissions rejected: 7 [Note: should be much higher; this means I didn’t submit enough.]

Literary essays included in “Best Of” anthologies or nominated for the Pushcart Prize: 2

New essays started: 4

New essays completed: 1

Essays in SubmissionLand as of 12/28/30 12/28/08: 2

Trade articles published: 6

Posts to this blog: 143

Writing classes taken: 1

Writing workshops taught: 2

Writing critique groups led: 12

Backlog of books not finished reading: 21

Unread books received as gifts: 10

Unread books purchased in airports during “reading emergencies”: 3

Unread books purchased during Cormac McCarthy fixation: 3

Writing conferences attended: 1

Neologisms coined: 0

ALA committees/task forces served on: 3

Library conferences attended: 23 (approx)

Presentations/panels given: 17 (approx)

Number of times luggage lost by Delta: 3

Countries outside U.S. visited: 2 (Canada and Australia)

States visited in Australia: 5

Time zones crossed in Australia: 4

Jobs resigned: 1

Jobs quit on the spot: 0

New jobs started: 1

Hair color changes: 3

Hair style changes: 3

Hair stylist changes: 4

Number of times cell phone plans changed: 3

Orders placed with Amazon: 25

Amazon orders that included books: 16

Pairs of shoes purchased online: 6

Pairs of shoes purchased in stores: 0

Clothing purchases at White House, Black Market: 1

Catalogs for White House, Black Market received since that purchase:  6

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