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Update on Cuba

SRRT pushed another resolution to Council III, ensuring Council III will be so busy that we aren’t going to get to everything on it. This tactic is similar to holding the report in committee and claiming it is in draft, when in reality IFC and IRC finished their work on it this Sunday. It’s not surprising, but it’s still not kosher.

Meanwhile, here is a proposed change to the IRC/IFC report. We may not get far enough to consider this, but if accepted, it would significantly strengthen the report on Cuba.

Most amendments and substitutions are not prepared in advance (and it’s ironic that some Councilors will have access to my proposed amendment a day before they have access to the report). However, this gives me a chance to offer not only the amendment, but to provide a rationale for it that may win over some Councilors, or at least give them more to think about.

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