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My Travel Schedule, March through June 2008

This is a bread-and-butter post to update people on my travel schedule for the next several months. Are you attending any of these events? Let’s do coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner/cocktails!(At some point in this schedule I’m also taking a long weekend with Sandy to celebrate her birthday. We’re not sure where or when, but probably New York or […]

Off to Oxford…

Mississippi, that is, for the Mid-South Creative Nonfiction Conference. By all reports a charming town, with a great bookstore and several good restaurants. This is my first vacation by myself in over fifteen years — since I met Sandy –and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I now feel a little […]

LJ’s John Berry “Writes” an “Opinion Piece”

Berry at Library Journal loves to stir the pot, but I don’t get the fuss over his latest about the Vanishing Librarians. Still, heck, I’ll give it a go. It looks like the “transformation” we seek for libraries and librarianship may turn out to be more of a “deskilling” of library jobs than an enhancement […]

They tried to make me go to FRBR, I said no, no, no

I just finished a major draft of the first soup-to-nuts literary essay I have written since spring 2006, when I was crankin’ ’em out for MFA workshop homework assignments. (The essay, about local food, was on request, for an anthology.) Yay me! I hope it doesn’t suck, or at least that any sucking can be […]

A few days off, Open Source Radio, and a note on comments

Free Range Librarian is celebrating the season with a few days off the blogging grid to take a deep breath and bid a proper adieu to 2007. When I return, it will be in just enough time to ask for ideas about trends, in preparation for my stint on the Top Technology Trends panel at […]

Much to be thankful for

My email is still acting up, FaceBook is being a Grinch, and Amazon wants to charge for blogs. All that tsuris aside, I have a lot to say thanks for: Health, which we don’t appreciate until it’s challenged. Happy family life (uh, ditto). A good job at a place where people like and trust each […]

Shelfari, tool of Satan

I’ve been asked why I prefer LibraryThing to Shelfari. Here’s why: because Shelfari is run by dirtbags. Brian over at Laughing Librarian links to a post on LibraryThing’s Thingology blog that spells out why you should avoid Shelfari, a LibraryThing knockoff that when you sign up will attempt to spam your email contacts six feet […]

I’m the real deal. Accept no substitutes.

Simply because several dozen other bloggers claim to be the Annoyed Librarian does not make it so. Bookmark to:

I am the Annoyed Librarian

The gig is up. I could tell people were getting close to the truth; last week I received email from unsuspecting friends saying they were tracing Annoyed Librarian, I have a friend who’s an investigative reporter who was poking around, and I didn’t want some Oprah-James-Frey-Nan-Talese-Britney-Paris “Oops, yeah that WAS really me” blowout appearing in […]

Third Place, Again

In 1990 I placed third in a lip sync contest at Suwon Airbase, Korea, for my performance of “You’re So Vain.” I do a pretty good Carly Simon (though top place went to a trio in drag who sang Supremes songs, and they were great). So now I’m tied for third place with my real-world […]