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Shelfari, tool of Satan

I’ve been asked why I prefer LibraryThing to Shelfari. Here’s why: because Shelfari is run by dirtbags.

Brian over at Laughing Librarian links to a post on LibraryThing’s Thingology blog that spells out why you should avoid Shelfari, a LibraryThing knockoff that when you sign up will attempt to spam your email contacts six feet deep.

A few months back I had a similar experience with a FaceBook plugin — I wish I could remember which one — that spammed every contact in my AOL instant messaging buddy list. I felt inane, a total Internet rube.

It’s cheesy marketing and a bad, bad thing to do.

Now go set up your LibraryThing account and tell them I sent ya (though actually, they won’t ask who sent you… LibraryThing is pretty laid-back that way).  If nothing else, if your house ever burns down you’ll know what books you owned. On a brighter note, LibraryThing has saved me at least $100 so far by answering the question, “Do I already own this book?” Plus it’s a fun network.

(If you have written a book or three, for heaven’s sake set up a LibraryThing account and ask Abby, LibraryThing’s MLS-decorated librarian, to make you an LT author. Then be sure your books are in there! I was the first owner for A Mile Down.)

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