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My Travel Schedule, March through June 2008

This is a bread-and-butter post to update people on my travel schedule for the next several months. Are you attending any of these events? Let’s do coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner/cocktails!(At some point in this schedule I’m also taking a long weekend with Sandy to celebrate her birthday. We’re not sure where or when, but probably New York or San Francisco.)

March 26 – 28, Chapel Hill: NISO Discovery Tools Forum. All the talks look fascinating, but I’m intrigued by Ralph Levan’s Search Web Service talk, in part because we, the information professionals, have spent fifteen years not at all resolving the “search standard” issue (must everything we touch turn to mounds of whale blubber?), and the Big O may be on to something with its “non-prescriptive standard” approach. I’ll have a car. Where shall we dine Thursday night?

March 31 – April 3, Minneapolis: NCIP Working Group meeting (tentative). I hear there’s good Southeast Asian food in that area.

April 7 – 9, D.C.: Computers in Libraries. I haven’t pinned down my final-final flight plan, but I’ll be there on Tuesday for sure, honchoing a two-part session on OPACs, featuring the illustrious likes of such folks as Roy Tennant, Cindi Trainor, John Blyberg, and Kate Sheehan. The best part: all I have to do is say “Heeeere’s Johnny!” times 4!

April 11 – 14, Miami: IA Summit. With another lady from MPOW I’m going to get my bad self down with the information architecture peeps. The programs sound quite good, though the blurbs sometimes fall into unfortunate dotcommese (“Applying these considerations enables information architects to deliver content experiences that take full advantage of emerging opportunities online and the existing assets within their Web sites”). I have noticed that presenters at these uber-geek soirees rarely talk like this.

April 16 – 17, Dallas: Texas Library Association. (Ignore the conference program. I haven’t been a redhead since the late 1990s, and I haven’t worked in that job since 2001.) I’m in a “Great Debate” with Stephen Abram, Roy Tennant, and Joe Janes, introduced by James Stewart, who I know from a notorious vendor-funded bibliobacchanal (complete with private jet and swank resort) held in Minnesota at the finny point of the fin de siecle. I forget what the debate topic is — it was hard to find something we didn’t agree about, at least on paper — but I promise a Really Good Shew.

April 23 – 25, St Pete Beach, Florida: Florida Library Association. I am quite excited about this for three reasons: first, I’ve wanted to network with my Floridian bibliopeers; second, I get to meet my Florida Leadership Network mentee face-to-face (she’s building an amazing library-focused poetry blog — more about that when I do a link roundup); and finally, I get to do a 20″ dog-and-pony show at MPOW’s user update session. (I also get to visit a new place, and I mapped out a nifty coastal tour I hope to take.)

May 7 – 9, Atlanta: SOLINET Annual Member Meeting. I’m a bookend with my buddy, Michael Stephens!

May 22, Tampa Bay Library Consortium: Writing for the Web

June 26 – July 1, Anaheim: American Library Association conference.

August 7, SEFLIN: Writing for the Web.

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