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Trial Balloon for LITA Con-Blog

Are you a LITA member? (Or would you like to be one?) Do you like to blog? (Or would you like experience blogging?) Do you like to write? (Would you like me to stop posting these parenthetical questions?)

LITA is considering establishing a blog, which could be used for many things but would likely start as a tool for LITA members to blog conference activities, particularly events and programs of interest to LITA members at ALA Annual 2005 or LITA Fall Forum. Please comment on this blog or contact me directly at kgs at and if possible mention in brief (one or two sentences) your experience writing for publication and/or blogging.

Feel free to merely comment on the possibility of LITA having a blog (or on Jeff Jarvis, or my writing style, or whatever–let a thousand flowers bloom!). I’m preparing a short (2 page) report to share with LITA Executive Board at our spring meeting in Chi-Town this weekend. Don’t call me Magic Eight-Ball, but unless tepid or negative reaction from the body politic steers us away from it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a LITA blog by Annual.

For an example of another division’s blog, see PLA’s blog, at . Note that PLA blogged the annual conference and is now blogging the PLA Spring Symposium. Reaction to the PLA blog was highly favorable.

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