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LITA Councilor Report, Midwinter 2005

LITA Councilor Report, Karen G. Schneider ALA Midwinter 2005, Boston (Updated 3-9-05 to address John Berry’s comments about LITA CE) On the non-tech front, Council at Midwinter 2005 was relaxed, orderly, and productive (Council III, on Wednesday, ended early–I don’t know when that last happened). Boston was colder than a box of frozen beans, but […]

Trial Balloon for LITA Con-Blog

Are you a LITA member? (Or would you like to be one?) Do you like to blog? (Or would you like experience blogging?) Do you like to write? (Would you like me to stop posting these parenthetical questions?) LITA is considering establishing a blog, which could be used for many things but would likely start […]

LITA Forum 2005: You Know the Way to San Jose!

I think I forgot to add LITA Forum (Sep 29 – Oct 2) to my list of conferences because I take it for granted. Miss LITA Forum? When monkeys fly out of my butt! (There’s an endorsement I hope to see on the LITA web page!) LITA Forum is my favorite library conference, bar none, […]

Greetings from your LITA Divisional Councilor

Today and tomorrow I’m wearing my hat as LITA Divisional Councilor for the American Library Association at the fall divisional and executive board meetings of ALA. I am having a great time at this meeting, learning a lot, absorbing, sharing, seeing quite a few old friends, meeting new people. (It doesn’t hurt that the meeting […]