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I am the Annoyed Librarian

I am the Annoyed LibrarianThe gig is up. I could tell people were getting close to the truth; last week I received email from unsuspecting friends saying they were tracing Annoyed Librarian, I have a friend who’s an investigative reporter who was poking around, and I didn’t want some Oprah-James-Frey-Nan-Talese-Britney-Paris “Oops, yeah that WAS really me” blowout appearing in American Libraries Direct while I was in Atlanta struggling to stay awake during meetings about some zombie standard.

Yes, I’m the Annoyed Librarian. The clues were right under your nose, if you were looking:

  • I’m often unnecessarily negative, particularly about projects and issues that are more complex than may be apparent at first blush… or concepts I didn’t invent. I’m not above cooking up a cutie-pie neologism for my blog faithful to latch on to (e.g, biblioblogosphere/twopointopian… I’ve used “twopointopian” twenty-seven times in my AL blog… and “biblioblogosphere” shows up in 40 posts on this site).
  • I beat issues to death with a stick. Library Five-Oh — ha, ha, get it? And poor Michael Gorman: almost two years later and I can’t resist stirring the pot. We have people dying overseas, politicians are lying to us, the polar ice caps are melting, and I ride the same miniature hobbyhorses so hard their poor little shoes fall off.
  • I don’t always own my responsibility, like when I said I could post about public libraries without speaking as a librarian, or when I ranted at NASIG for requiring me to submit a paper as well as give a talk.
  • It really is about me. All me, all the time. Do, re, me, me, me, me, me. Why else would I blog?

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