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Google Scholar

I tell you, it’s been quite a week. I haven’t felt so much in the presence of major change since the day back in 1993, was it, that I installed Mosaic and got Trumpet Winsock working, and for the first time saw NASA images on my computer. First last Friday I was FRBR-ized, then Yahoo […]

Two New Library Blogs of Note

I waited until I was sure these blogs were sustainable. I highly recommend both Librarian in Black and Tame the Web. Librarian in Black: Normally, I would run fast and far from a blog by a “Self-proclaimed Techie Gamer Librarian Chick.” From what I can tell, “chick” is usually a synonym for “allergic to […]

Dispatches from SoCal

McSweeney’s just launched Dispatches from a Public Librarian, at Author Scott Douglas says he “will update this dispatch on a sometimes-regular basis, and will include stories about strange patrons, strange tales, and otherwise just strange things.” This is an interesting start, although when he says librarians have “been in a tiff about the Privacy […]