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Two New Library Blogs of Note

I waited until I was sure these blogs were sustainable. I highly recommend both Librarian in Black and Tame the Web.

Librarian in Black:

Normally, I would run fast and far from a blog by a “Self-proclaimed Techie Gamer Librarian Chick.” From what I can tell, “chick” is usually a synonym for “allergic to grammar.” However, “techy librarian” Sarah Houghton not only gleans the best of the best of technology news–she can really write, and her observations are insightful and amusing, with a soupcon of edginess I find very appealing.

Michael Stephens, author of Tame the Web, at, has a mellower, more pedagogical view of life. His blog is worth tracking for the concise snippets of Web-life he captures; who else would give me a one-paragraph synopsis of Googleblatting?

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