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Last Friday’s Crowd

Christine Boese did a really good job linking to everyone at last Friday’s IF:Book meeting. I’m glad, because I’m still dog-paddling through my homework, with no relief in sight. Tonight, two more chapters of Sebald after I finish this week’s workshop critiques. (I love getting into the mind of the other writers in my class. […]

Nice Post from the IF:Book Meeting

Clifford Johnson, a rather sparkling physicist who has a delightful blog about science, has pictures and a nice summary from Friday’s IF:Book meeting (or the academic blog salon, as it were). He links to blogs I would be linking to had I not spent most of the weekend rewriting the same three paragraphs. (I feel […]

Cloning Juan Cole

I’ve spent the day working on My Craft and running household errands, and tonight we’re having caesar salad with grilled shrimp as a healthy but celebratory dinner to mark my return from Five Trips in Two Weeks. (That means “we” have to be in the kitchen by 7:15 to pull together the salad, which I […]

Home, Brain Slightly Expanded

I have returned from a day-long discussion held by the Institute for the Future of the Book. I left very reluctantly, sorry not to be dining with the people I had shared the day with, but glad I was close to concluding the fifth business trip in two weeks and could spend the weekend catching […]

Pensees du Webcred

I was going to write two separate reports about Webcred, one for the journalists and bloggers, and another for my Libraryland colleagues. I stared at the computer screen for a very long time, then slapped my forehead. This needs to be one piece, because the whole point is to cross-pollinate ideas among the communities sharing […]

Webcred and Librarians: A Bit of Google Juice

One of the most satisfying experiences at Webcred was meeting Andy Carvin of the Digital Divide Network–a crucial ally in our battle to bring people across the “last mile.” (Doesn’t that sound like an essay?) You can hear my comments to the Webcred conference and read a summary from the “last mile” point of view […]

One of Two Librarians at the Blogging and Journalism Conference

For the last few days I’ve been at the ALA Midwinter conference in Boston, and when I’ve blogged at all it’s been on PLA’s collective conference blog. This a very intentional post intended as a greeting to both my regular readers and to people finding this site through this list of participants at the Blogging […]