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Heretical Harrumphs

Heritical Librarian has a column in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and also on his blog, about the overweening liberalism of LibraryLand.

One of the tools for change in any organization is to find mechanisms to bring in the underrepresented. The article complains about the dominance of the liberal viewpoint (something I won’t disagree with, in general, though I wouldn’t call Colin Powell left-leaning, so the examples were selective).

That librarianship is overwhelmingly non-ethnically-diverse is something the Spectrum Scholarship addresses. So where are the conservative organizations funding scholarships for conservative library students? I am not kidding here, either. Change happens because a few dedicated people are willing to be trailblazers. I say that as someone female and gay who has had to trailblaze a few times myself (and also because I am aware that Heretical is actually liberal on some social issues).

Expecting an organization to effect such significant change without pressure and influence from the outside is unrealistic.

As for being lonely, I have been the lone female, the lone gay person, the lone whatever. I am sure many librarians of color can identify with being the “only” where they work, too. Dude, get OVER that.

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