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MPOW Gets Another Face-lift

The search engine at My Place Of Work just got upgraded to a neat new product. We had lots of good effort from Siderean (the search engine company) and Community Servers (our CMS folks).

We’re not done–on our immediate glitch list is spell-check, which mysteriously stopped working after the switch-over; synonyms, which need one more doohicky to make it easy for our CMS to talk to our search engine about synonym updates; search logs and reports, which also need a doohicky; and very likely some presentation issues we hadn’t considered. Plus there are some validation issues and I know where the problem is but it will take a little bit to get there (primarily errant table tags buried in template layouts).

But we’ll get there.

Big thanks to buddy Gary Price. Gary, now that I’m on the right coast, let’s see each other more often. Maybe I can work out a trip to DC where I see Gary, Pamela Sieving, and my dad.

I had this funny dream where I woke up and found I was living in Florida… oh wait, it’s true, and the DMV awaits me!

I had another funny dream where I was going to South Africa to give a talk and I wasn’t prepared. Wait, that’s not funny–it’s true! I am leaving next week to give a talk to their Special Libraries Association, and I haven’t done a lick of work. Which means this Saturday chains me to the desk, and the books I thought I’d unpack will stay boxed up for two more weeks. But it’s South Africa, and that’s amazing!

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