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Coding the MPOW Survey…

I couldn’t figure out why I felt so icky in my PJs this morning until I realized I had fallen asleep last night in my gym clothes, sitting in front of the TV set during the first five minutes of what I persist in calling Miami Vice.

Sandy says she kept shouting at me to get up, get dressed, go to bed, etc., but I remember nothing… only waking up and feeling rested but a bit overheated. Dirty sweatclothes will do that for you. (They weren’t that gross–I hardly work up a lather reading on the treadmill–but it was nice to change out of them anyway.)

But all my homework is done for tonight’s class… I’ve successfully juggled another Monday of work-work-work and then work some more. And got my cardio, to boot!

So today I am juggling between a pile of work stuff and another pile of even more urgent work stuff, primarily coding the user survey comments for My Place Of Work. Most of the suggestions fall into the category of “yes, we agree underwriting is a good idea” category, and I’m pursuing that even without the survey being fully coded.

When the noon whistle blew, I decided to have some gingerbread tea and read some favorite blogs. Stephen Abrams is sly and funny in this post about why concepts need names.

Ken Leebow, who has made a career out of helping people use the Web painlessly and even with joy, takes off on FaceBook’s business sense (made me want to sing, “Mommas, don’t let your startups grow up to be PointCast…”).

I wound up browsing Po Bronson’s new blog, where he and Ashley Merryman engagingly square off with one another–it reads the way my mind feels when I’m internally debating an issue. Fun.

Back to the spreadsheet, just a bit rejuvenated!

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