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Free Range Librarian: the year in first lines

A marvelous meme to wrap up the year: list the first sentence of the first post for each month. I include each post’s title because I try to write titles that do a lot of work and often function as the “first sentences” of each post.

If you’d like to play, consider yourself tagged. (Reading, writing, presenting, fussing about ALA, tinkering with my blog, and worrying about librarianship: it does sound like me!) Found on many sites, including Librarians Matter.

January 3, 2007, Management 2.0 and the Trumpeter in the Attic: “Today for the first time I heard the phrase ‘Management 2.0.'”

February 2, 2007, Dorothea on DSpace: “I respect Dorothea’s decision, but I often find myself frustrated by the closed comments at Caveat Lector, primarily when I want to say ‘you go girl’ or ‘me too.'”

March 1, 2007, Oops! Keynote in Klingon: “My PowerPoint from yesterday’s Code4Lib Keynote may look like gibberish to you… I should have realized that if my slides couldn’t display on Roy’s laptop, that pointed to a bigger problem!”

April 1, 2007, Google Buying OCLC: An Early Analysis: ” Some of us had heard rumors flying earlier this week.”

May 1, 2007, New Feed Location for Free Range Librarian: “Another reminder to feed subscribers: the new feeds are here.”

June 1, 2007, Presentation Alley: “I’m deep into the presentation zone today… but heard Bob Stein give a vision talk, had lunch with Greg Schwartz, and in two hours will get to hear Vicky Reich talk about LOCKSS and CLOCKSS, which is the kind of software that can help us reclaim the heartland of our profession.”

July 2, 2007, The ALA Conference Meeting Life Cycle: “For decades (if not longer), the ALA conference meeting schedule has remained unchanged.”

August 1, 2007, So clean, so linear… so YA: “My Librarything ‘Early Reviewers’ copy of Nikita Lalwani’s Gifted showed up yesterday, and when the afternoon storm knocked out the electricity, I used this as my excuse to sit near a window (not TOO near a window) and begin reading by ambient light.”

September 1, 2007, Just Published: “David, Just as he was, White Crane, Summer 2007: “The summer 2007 issue of White Crane arrived Friday afternoon, two days before my 50th birthday, and there could have been no better birthday present.”

October 2, 2007, Death to Jargon: Examples Needed: “On October 11, I’m giving a one-hour talk called ‘Death to Jargon’, and I could use your help.”

November 1, 2007, Road Warrior: “I’m in a friend’s lovely, lovely, lovely home.”

December 2, 2007, The wisdom of each age: “At 7 a.m. in a quiet hotel room — we were in Savannah over Thanksgiving weekend, and I was trying not to wake Sandy — I finished Leaving Atlanta, then rolled back and re-read the last section.”

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