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Oops! Keynote in Klingon

My PowerPoint from yesterday’s Code4Lib Keynote may look like gibberish to you… I should have realized that if my slides couldn’t display on Roy’s laptop, that pointed to a bigger problem!

When I get home tonight I’ll do the PowerPoint-to-Acrobat dance–that should take all of five minutes. Also, all the sessions have been videotaped, and will be up soon, thanks to two hardy gents who already did 7 hours of encoding last night, bless their dedicated hearts.

I’m watching Erik do his keynote and thinking what a joy it is to go early at a conference… no sword hanging over you. I’ve been able to have quality discussions with a number of people about so many different great projects and ideas, and dearly wish I were here til tomorrow to do yet more, but five days on the road is enough.

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