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FRL Continues its Inexorable March Toward World Domination

O.k., this blog isn’t really after world domination… I suspect I’d have to post a lot more often, for starters, and besides, I have to get ready for the Florida Library Association conference.

But on a whim I created a Facebook page for Free Range Librarian, and then posted it to my Facebook profile, and then made myself a “fan” of the page, to break the ice (since no one ever wants to be the FIRST fan of anything). Then others began making themselves fans as well. Someone even created a page for the Fans of the Fans of Free Range Librarian.

As I browse the list of people who call themselves “fans” of this blog, I hurtle down a sweet corridor of memory. I see friends from library school, California, New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere. I see friends I’ve known forever and good folks I’ve just met. I see friends who have walked with me through some tough times and friends who I’m just getting to know.

(The demographics are fun, as well. 70% of the “fans” are under 45. Take that, Father Time!)

I realize we’re supposed to qualify the notion of “friendship” on Facebook, and I do know the difference between someone who has walked with me through thick and thin and someone I met in an elevator or know through someone else. But I just revised my Facebook profile to note that Ed Wood is one of my favorite movies, and that’s because there’s a scene I consider to be the best description of friendship I know: where Ed Wood makes a terrible movie and his friends all show up at the theater and applaud him. That’s a great description of life and the people who make it survivable.

The page/fan meme will no doubt quickly exhaust itself, part of the Facebook silliness we’ll remember someday. But I hope I don’t forget the warmth I felt when I saw old faces and new “fanning” themselves for this little blog.

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