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Writing for the Web Workshop

Writing away

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This workshop — my first-ever writing class — was blissfully successful for all concerned. The post-class evaluations were the best I’ve ever had in fifteen years of training and teaching. Teaching a writing class has been a goal of mine for a couple of years, and it was better than I ever thought it would be.

I am going to tweak the syllabus ever so slightly (a little more writing time, a few more examples), but by and large, it worked really well.

I’ll be teaching this workshop at least two more times in 2008. I have workshops lined up for two more library consortia: NEFLIN (March 5) and TBLC (May 22). I’ll combine these training trips with visits to local community college libraries; it was wonderful to visit with the librarians of Chipola and Gulf Coast en route to my class site.

This day-long workshop would also work well as an analog/virtual hybrid, where we would meet in person for a half-day and then conclude the workshop online. I’d say it would work as a fully online class except the face-to-face workshop experience is so heady and valuable, not just for attendees but for me; I rushed home invigorated about my writing and filled with new ideas. Face-to-face instruction is one of the great luxuries of this century.

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