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Pirate Booty (and my fall schedule)

Arrrr, me beauties, I’ve been so busy being a Community Librarian that I haven’t been Free Range lately. But my post about Sarah Palin had some stretch to it, including a mention in this wonderful editorial in Library Journal, which is maintaining and building a valuable collection of articles about Sarah Palin. You go LJ!

Niche Writer Wanted

Also, if you know anyone who can write documentation, understands library acquisitions systems, and has some freelance time this fall, send them my way (with two writing samples in tow), because the Evergreen project needs such a person and there is funding for it. I am almost at the point of saying, “O.k., I’ll write it,” but I haven’t entirely given up hope that such a person exists.

Going Places

Second, I’ve been circumspect about my fall travel schedule in part because I was very busy and in part because I wanted to get plans lined up.

However, I’m pleased to say I’ll be keynoting at Access — a conference I’ve tried to attend for years, and now I get the bully pulpit, and in Ontario no less!

I’ll also make it to LITA Forum (kind of a 48-hour drive-by) and look forward to seeing peeps there, as well. Plus I’m addressing library directors in Baton Rouge on October 24, then driving to NOLA that afternoon to meet up with Sandy, who’s there at some conference, and have some good Big Easy cookin’ before heading back to TLH the next afternoon.

Then in November I’m heading to Australia with Lizanne Payne, Executive Director of the Washington Research Library Consortium, to give a series of talks for the 30th anniversary of VALA. Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne — here we come!

(I’ll be using both my Leon County card and my PINES card to help me round up materials for my Access and VALA talks… does that make me a bigamist?)

Larger Map of VALA Stops

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