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More niblets, not to mention interlinks

“Turns out there’s a lot of interlinks in our financial system” — George Bush on CNN. Is this man president? Of the United States? Of America? Now the Old Fart will take office, keel over… and we’ll have Little Miss “I can see RUSSIA from my HOUSE!” near the Red Phone. Be Afraid! Register and VOTE!

Over on I posted this story of how Action Auto, Proctor Honda, and all done me good, in an everything-is-miscellaneous kinda way.

Tayari Jones had reached out for advice about getting back into her writing groove. I admitted I had fallen away from getting up early, and declared defeat. But since writing that, I’ve had two very successful 5 a.m. personal-writing sessions… to paraphrase a great bard, I’ve been jammin’ at the break of day.  Thank you, Tayari!

Seventeen WorldCat libraries now own The Best Creative Nonfiction Volume 2! Oooh, I can see Charlotte-Mecklenburg from my house! I sent out two postcards with Librarian Haiku — one was solicited, one wasn’t. Geeze, I can’t even GIVE away my haiku. Really, send your snail-mail to kgs at freerangelibrarian dot com and prepare to be astounded!

The local writing workshop I manage celebrates its first-year anniversary in October. Go us!

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