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Ontology is Miscellaneous; SJSU LIS Student in NY Times

I got up far too early, pulled the Times from the sidewalk,  and opened the Styles section to its “Weddings/Celebrations” section to count the gay marriages. Imagine my delight to see an announcement of the civil union for Larissa Cheney Brookes, SJSU LIS student, and her EPA-lawyer partner, Elizabeth La Blanc. You go gals! Then […]

Exhaustion, uber-folksonomy, and nice people to work with

I have worked places where filing travel receipts almost made me cry, or where I had to grovel with some extremely unpleasant person who would scold me for minor infractions. So when I said today I wasn’t sure how to file my travel receipts, imagine my delight when someone from MPOW came into my office […]

Road Warrior

I’m in a friend’s lovely, lovely, lovely home. But what makes it the most utterly loveliest place of all? My Peet’s French Roast, hot and sweet on the bedside table. In five hours I’ll be airborne, and by just after midnight I’ll be home. Then I leave Sunday on another junket, headed to the Defrag […]

Ah, California

I’m in Monterey attending the Internet Librarian 2007 conference. I’ve had a perfectly lovely weekend and will need to send thank-you cards to Walt and Marsha and Thomas and Jenny and Alexis and Marie and Dinah and Gail, and I’ve eaten mmmmmmmmmmmm so many good things, glad I wore nice roomy cords, and I’ve seen […]

Williamsburg Regional Library Staff Day Presentation

I put the slides on Google after two uploads to failed abysmally.  (My talk was also greatly enriched by two slides I stole, one from Andrew Pace and the other from Darlene Fichter. Thanks ;-)  ) This was a great experience. I haven’t done a pure “2.0” talk in over a year, which meant […]

Do you use Meebo-me or AIM for reference?

If you are using Meebo-me or AOL instant messaging for reference at Your Place Of Work, and you will have your chat window open as of 8 a.m. ET this Thursday, October 18, and would be willing if I popped in sometime between 8 and 10 a.m… well, I would be most graceful, that’s what. […]

My Talks, Tours, and Travel, October through November 2007

Do our paths cross, gentle readers (and writers)? October 11, 11 a.m. ET: One-hour web presentation from the comfort of my office, “Death to Jargon,” for the Outagamie Waupaca Library System (no, I don’t know how to pronounce that) October 18, 8:30-12: “Library 2.0,” Williamsburg Public Library, Virginia–this will feature Olde Tyme 2.0, New and […]

A Dangerous Woman

[updated] I woke up early Saturday morning, the last day of a galvanizing good conference on the future of library catalogs (Carl Grant and Michael Norman were especially good; no, they were amazing, and Kate Sheehan of Librarything for Libraries was fabu), and tore my presentation to shreds. My talk the previous day had been […]

Writing for the Web

An all-day writing workshop for the Panhandle Library Access Network. We’re going to have fun! Bookmark to:

2.0 at Williamsburg Regional Library

A staff presentation, and a consultation. This should be fun — and such a beautiful area! Bookmark to: