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The personal detour I’m back from giving the closing talk at SOLINET’s annual membership meeting, where I was well-pampered by all involved. I also rented a Prius for the trip, and it was quite difficult to return this lovely car to Avis. I had wondered how I would like driving a Prius, and the answer […]

It’s not too late to pitch me those great library blog examples

It is very early Wednesday morning, and I’m feeling some small beads of sweat on my neck. I’m looking for inspiration any way I can get it — from my brain, from divine sources, and of course, from you, gentle reader. This Friday morning I’m giving at talk to SOLINET about how to market, get […]

Williamsburg Regional Library Staff Day Presentation

I put the slides on Google after two uploads to failed abysmally.  (My talk was also greatly enriched by two slides I stole, one from Andrew Pace and the other from Darlene Fichter. Thanks ;-)  ) This was a great experience. I haven’t done a pure “2.0” talk in over a year, which meant […]

Free OPAL event with David Weinberger

Wednesday, June 6, 2007 beginning at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 1:00 Central, noon Mountain, 11:00 a.m. Pacific, and 6:00 p.m. GMT: Interview with David Weinberger, Author of Everything is Miscellaneous (I cribbed this copy from another blog and then had to laugh, since it refers to me in the third person:) David Weinberger will […]

SLIS keynote and presentation, PDF flavor

Here at last are PDFs of the presentations I did for SLIS South Africa in October! I had to reinstall Adobe Acrobat and then update it with a patch… one of those little projects. The files are SO much smaller in PDF. I know there are people who loathe PDF, but I gotta say… small […]

South Africa SLIS Follow-up 3: The Presentations

Soweto Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. Yes, after a week of recovery and catch-up, I have tweaked and uploaded the presentations I gave in South Africa earlier this month! Of course, they’re out of context, since you don’t get my voice-over or walk-throughs… feel free to ask questions. Note that at the end of the preconference […]

South Africa SLIS Follow-up 2: Five Weeks to a Social Library

Another way for you folks from South Africa to follow up on the ideas from last week’s preconference is to attend Five Weeks to a Social Library, a FREE online class that will take place between February 12 and March 17, 2007 and will be limited to forty participants. So sign up NOW! The instructors […]

South Africa SLIS Follow-Up 1: Michael Stephens’ “Web 2.0 and Libraries”

I have several more goodies to follow up my talk in South Africa–two PowerPoints, and a long post with tips for activities–but the most important tip I have is to buy this report. I am generally disposed to give friends’ books good reviews (and let’s not pretend that doesn’t happen), but in this case, Michael […]

L1 vs. L2: Adapted from O’Reilly

Library 1.0 versus Library 2.0: some examples (some from olden days)… I adapted this list (which I will also discuss) from the original article about Web 2.0 by Tim O’Reilly… Any other examples? Closed stacks –> Open stacks Collection development –> Library suggestion box Preorganized ILS –> User tagging Walk-in services –> Globally available services […]

Thinking Towards Johannesburg

This Thursday evening I take off on a very long journey to Johannesburg to present to the Special Libraries and Information Services Group. Today, most likely tomorrow afternoon and the weekdays this week, I’m pulling together a four-hour preconference, “Library 2.0 Technologies,” and a one-hour conference keynote, “The User Is Not Broken.” I can imagine […]