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South Africa SLIS Follow-up 3: The Presentations


Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian.

Yes, after a week of recovery and catch-up, I have tweaked and uploaded the presentations I gave in South Africa earlier this month! Of course, they’re out of context, since you don’t get my voice-over or walk-throughs… feel free to ask questions. Note that at the end of the preconference I’ve included a list of citations for further reading.

(Oops! The preconference link is corrected… the keynote needs TLC.)

The preconference: Library 2.0 Cookbook

These files are BIG (the keynote, which has a lot of pix, is humongous) so you may want to save them locally to view them that way. My apologies for not generating these files as PDFs, which would have been lighter–I switched computers a few months back and my Acrobat creator didn’t follow me, and I was worried if I didn’t upload these files now, I’d never get to it.

There are a couple of shout-outs to my colleagues-to-be at FSU!

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