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Caution about emailing me

Email you send me to my personal addresses ( and ) may be going into the bitbucket. So if I don’t respond, don’t assume I didn’t see it. Post here to the blog or IM me at either of those addresses or freerangelib, or email me at work.

I’ve recently had tussles back and forth with Fastmail, my email provider. The latest is too complicated to go into but involves subdomain mapping which was set up when I established Mailman lists for a couple of purposes and then found I couldn’t post to them from any of my addresses hosted by Fastmail. Back and forth for five days… gruesome.

(There’s also one small list I’m on that blocks me entirely, due to identifying Fastmail as a spam provider. Un-fun, though when that was my only problem, I lived with it.)

I’m now seeing only a fraction of list traffic, and for my personal mail, I have that peculiar feeling that people are responding to email or sending me new messages, and I’m not seeing what they sent  me. I’ve repeatedly sent myself email from work and watched it simply vanish into the ether. Doesn’t bounce, doesn’t show up, doesn’t go into the junk mail folder — just never arrives. Sandy sent me something this morning… never appeared… I asked her to resend it… same thing. Didn’t bounce. Not in junk mail. Just vanished.

Dreamhost works fine for hosting, but their email sucks. I’ve been very happy with Fastmail, but it may be time to say goodbye.  If you know of a good email provider — intelligent mapping, strong spam support, reasonably priced, does IMAP well, has a good webmail client, supports PDAs and whatnot — I’d be grateful for a referral.

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