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Category Archives: Vast stupidity

Thoroughly Modern Karen: A Response to Jeff Trzeciak

The latest kerfuffle from LibraryLand comes courtesy Jeff Trzeciak, university “librarian” at McMaster’s, whose recent speech has garnered tart responses from other librarians and library directors (spoiler alert: count this as another notch on that post). I have this theory that an uncomfortably high percentage of research library directors are fundamentally very anxious about their […]

Amazon, Kindle, and Orwell: Horse, Meet the Barn Door

David Pogue, tech enthusiast for the New York Times, is shocked, shocked that Amazon yanked Orwell’s books from the Kindle. But as Tim Spalding pointed out over on Web4Lib, it’s naïve to focus on Amazon and the Kindle. “People need to get over the idea that ebooks are ‘just’ books,” Tim wrote. “Just because you […]

Caution about emailing me

Email you send me to my personal addresses ( and ) may be going into the bitbucket. So if I don’t respond, don’t assume I didn’t see it. Post here to the blog or IM me at either of those addresses or freerangelib, or email me at work. I’ve recently had tussles back and […]

NASIG, three bags full

I put up a CommentPress version of my NASIG talk from May 2007 (which now feels extremely old and stale, but never mind — it links to my Library Journal article about LOCKSS, among other treats I’m sure you’re slavering for). ———— (Added 8/26/07.) Last night I had a confusing dream involving a house in […]