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Category Archives: Digital Preservation

Bristlecone: A Practical Plan for Practical Dogfooders

In response to my vision of Bristlecone — a preservation plan for literary journals — Mary Molinaro wrote, Her idea of a preservation plan for literary journals, named Bristlecone, has some positive aspects, but I think misses the mark on so many levels. [1] The basic goal of preserving a last copy of these literary […]

My big fat digital humanities preservation idea

For a couple of years I have had an idea completely unrelated to my current field of endeavor. The idea — tentatively named Bristlecone, for the oldest surviving pine trees — is, quite simply, a preservation plan for literary journals. The problem, in a nutshell No matter how passionately committed the publishing agency for any […]

Amazon, Kindle, and Orwell: Horse, Meet the Barn Door

David Pogue, tech enthusiast for the New York Times, is shocked, shocked that Amazon yanked Orwell’s books from the Kindle. But as Tim Spalding pointed out over on Web4Lib, it’s naïve to focus on Amazon and the Kindle. “People need to get over the idea that ebooks are ‘just’ books,” Tim wrote. “Just because you […]

Angela Sets Up a LOCKSS Box

We’ve long needed a video on how easy it is to set up LOCKSS –software for digital preservation, called Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe. (I wrote about LOCKSS for Library Journal this summer.) Angela Slaughter of Indiana University pounced on this idea and has produced a video everyone should watch. Around these parts, for […]

Your Gummint Nixes Digital Preservation

It may not be sexy or all that visible; you can’t download it to your iPod; it’s not right under your nose every day. In fact, you may not be aware of one of the most important activities where librarians have engaged their values and skills for the last decade. Nevertheless, please sit up and […]