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Angela Sets Up a LOCKSS Box

We’ve long needed a video on how easy it is to set up LOCKSS –software for digital preservation, called Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe. (I wrote about LOCKSS for Library Journal this summer.) Angela Slaughter of Indiana University pounced on this idea and has produced a video everyone should watch.

Around these parts, for hurricane prep we stock up on water, packaged food, and instant coffee.  Simple stuff, but without it, riding out a storm could be rough. (Especially the coffee. Oh, and to heat it up? The gas grill. Though I’m tempted to buy some Starbucks “shots” in case the grill runs out of propane, because it’s one thing to be hungry and another to be out of coffee.)

LOCKSS is that simple. Get a checklist, write down what Angela shows you on the screen, download LOCKSS, and get going. Start a local LOCKSS network. Talk up digital preservation with your colleagues.  Start having those discussions!

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