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Happy Day, Cristoforo

I couldn’t remember why I was so tired today (though getting up at 6 a.m. to write was some part of it) until I remembered I was at a conference all last weekend, worked all week (very long days, as we deglitched MPOW, a predictable outcome of such a big change), got up at 5:30 Friday to drive to Santa Cruz to give a talk, went to class mid-week, worked on two essays, then went to the Craigslist Foundation’s NonProfit Boot Camp yesterday. I greatly enjoyed both LITA Forum and the less-librarianish but equally valuable Nonprofit Boot Camp, not to mention the praise for MPOW and the fun librarians in Santa Cruz, but I’m still tired.

I usually just plow through the week if I’ve been at a conference, but tomorrow I’m taking the day off and focusing on my homework and a couple of errands best done on working hours. I had thought that was very indulgent until someone pointed out that tomorrow is Columbus Day, which is a paid holiday for a lot of people. As a contractor, I sort of make up my own days off, which has resulted in working too many holidays simply because I don’t have someone telling me to go home. (And, in fact, I am already home.) But the combined stress of the MPOW launch, school, and a never-ending conference/presentation has forced me to be a little more considerate of my body.

But watch for a post analysing the talks by danah boyd and Michael Gorman. I’ll give myself time for that, as well.

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