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It’s not too late to pitch me those great library blog examples

Jesus preaching to the Pez It is very early Wednesday morning, and I’m feeling some small beads of sweat on my neck. I’m looking for inspiration any way I can get it — from my brain, from divine sources, and of course, from you, gentle reader.

This Friday morning I’m giving at talk to SOLINET about how to market, get buy-in, and otherwise feed and water your library’s blog. I think I agreed to this last summer, when many very nice people were finding me gigs to keep food on the table.

In any event, when I was reminded in November of this commitment, I said to myself, self, I said, that’s February — no problem!

Then in January, I said, pish tosh — that’s over a month away!

Then last week I said, I have the whole weekend! But then I had that icky muscle-thingy happen, and I was so heavily medicated my doctor warned me against not just driving, but using kitchen appliances with moving parts. So I decided PowerPoint was a kitchen appliance (it chops text, right?), and lay on the couch, reading.

Cut to Wednesday morning. I’m still dorking around with my slides, and though I had brilliant thoughts in the shower, they got toweled away. I have a few ideas, but am struggling.

(I’m talking about blogs affiliated with libraries and library organizations and oriented toward library users… not the free range type, like this one, and not otherwise excellent “industry” blogs, such as Library Garden and It’s All Good.)

My go-to blog of choice is Icarus — a lovely blog where many posts have a voice and a focus on “you, library user” — and the AADL’s blog, but surely the well can’t run dry there.

I’m not limiting myself to library blogs — because the point is not “how can I have a blog as good as the best in LibraryLand,” but how can I have the very best blog possible — unfortunately, not quite the same question. But I want to give honor where honor is due.

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