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MPOW Search Engine RFI

This is a very informal RFI
we developed internally at MPOW as part of our Search for the Search. Frankly, this list doesn’t present big hurdles. Nearly every feature on this list should (and is) available in every product on the market today.

Does your OPAC support these features? Many of them? Some of them? A few?

My next question: if your OPAC doesn’t support these features, how easily can people search your catalog?

Finally, if the simplest search product on the market can offer spell-check, field weighting, and stemming, why doesn’t your library’s catalog support these features?

Meanwhile, for those of you looking for search engines or wondering what criteria we’re using, feel free to use this document, pass questions back to me (AIM/skype liichief ), or discuss on this blog. I’m also soliciting input, public or private, on what this is missing or what your experiences are with specific products.

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