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Playing with new search technologies

( Gary responded — he’s real!) (Note: I’ve put in a query to my contact for this survey. Is this a marketing scam, or a genuine request? What is real on the Web? I had several discussions with what I thought was a real guy… hmmm. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go […]

How OPACs Suck, Part 1

On ALA TechSource I’ve posted the first in a series explaining how OPACs suck. Extra credit if you figure out the catalogs I used for my examples (no, you can’t say NCSU, since I make that explicitly the non-sucky example). Bookmark to:

MPOW Search Engine RFI

This is a very informal RFI we developed internally at MPOW as part of our Search for the Search. Frankly, this list doesn’t present big hurdles. Nearly every feature on this list should (and is) available in every product on the market today. Does your OPAC support these features? Many of them? Some of them? […]

Search for the Search Update

In March 2005, I discussed the Search for the Search My Place Of Work (MPOW) was embarking on. Since then, we went through the CMS upgrade (which was a gruesome experience until I fired the Vendor from Hell, and only slightly better thereafter, Hell being a very deep hole to fall into) and have focused […]