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Pimp My Blog

(Note: this is the text version of the same discussion in last week’s podcast.)

Drivers wanted!

Two weeks ago, at the Ontario Library Association conference, over glasses of the local brew, Jennie “Shifted Librarian” Levine told me in no uncertain terms that girlfriend needs a logo on Free Range Librarian. Well, yes, I said, but I have absolutely no design sense (when we moved to Palo Alto the movers had to tell me where to position the living room furniture), and as you can tell from my blog’s rather crude “design,” almost no HTML or CSS abilities and only a rudimentary grasp of Movable Type templates. A while ago a friend even made a cute little graphic which I was completely unable to resize or place in my banner. (Note: up until I saw this graphic I thought I was a chicken. But I could be a cow, particularly in the company of those cows from the California cheese ads.)

Jennie said, ask your readers; maybe someone will help me design and implement a logo. So hey, I’m for it. This could be like a reality show: Pimp My Blog! Prizes? It wouldn’t be a show without them: the winning graphics developer will get a jar of California honey (for being so sweet) and one of the last LII flashlights–a rare, limited SWAG that came out in a production run of 1000; only 25 are left. (And who knows what else will go into the prize basket from my overflowing regifting box!)

I have a test blog I torture to death (I just killed it again, in fact), so if you are familiar with Movable Type templates (versions 3*) and want to give logo-ing FRL a try, give me a holler at kgs at bluehighways dot com or leave a comment here.

(Incidentally, after the podcast, someone calling him/herself “Joe Blow” sent in a comment saying I was contributing to the subjugation of sex workers by promoting pimping. I would have posted this comment if it were not anonymous. It was clearly a librarian, because who else would listen to a podcast about librarianship and then do the passive-aggressive librarian thing of grousing anonymously? Come on, be a man or woman or anywhere else along the human gender spectrum and put your name on your comments, or if you can’t do that, at least tell me who you are; I’m a writer and I’ll protect your confidentiality.)

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