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Category Archives: Blogs Worth Reading

It’s not too late to pitch me those great library blog examples

It is very early Wednesday morning, and I’m feeling some small beads of sweat on my neck. I’m looking for inspiration any way I can get it — from my brain, from divine sources, and of course, from you, gentle reader. This Friday morning I’m giving at talk to SOLINET about how to market, get […]

Michael Stephens’ Blog Survey, and Away to CLA

Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens has a blog survey happenin’… if you blog, take the survey. He claims it takes half an hour and I did it in seven minutes, but in talking to Michael he said most people waxed prolix on the survey questions, and I was very telegraphic. Now I’m off to the […]

Naked News Covers ALA Techsource Blog

O.k., not really, but ALA Techsource has a team-written blog (I’m the “team member” who has written exactly two entries), and ignoring my yawning silence as a contributor, it’s awfully good reading. Tom Peters on Lemony Snippets is just too tasty. Subscribe and enjoy. I’m sure I’ll be contributing more… well, soon… Bookmark to:

The Un-Cola: Current Cites

When I was a kid I loved mimicing a 7-Up commercial where a man with a booming voice uttered the tagline, “the Un-cola.” Current Cites is an Un-blog. Every month, Current Cites presents “8-12 annotated citations of current literature”–books, websites, and articles–distributed by email or available on its website. Roy just laughs at me when […]

Blogs of Note: Global Voices

I had just about thought I couldn’t get it together to review a blog this week when I saw a link to a fascinating entry about the protests and crackdown in Uzbekistan on the Global Voices blog. Global Voices, emanating from that idea bunny, the Berkman Center, provides a great look at issues worldwide through […]

Catalogablog-a-go-go (and a Must Read Book)

Another blog I follow is David Bigwood’s Catalogablog. Catalogablog can be cataloging-intensive, as well it should be, but I track it because this blog reviews issues related to cataloging as it should be discussed in the 21st century, with plenty of props for METS and MODS and OAI, oh my. Speaking of oh my, I […]

My Blogroll

Below are some of the blogs I track (through a blogroll generated by Bloglines, that Swiss army knife of blog reading). If you’re new to blogging, this may seem like a lot of reading. Skim, I say, skim! I don’t read all of these blogs religiously (or obsessively, depending on your take). I hone in […]

Happy Birthday, Tame the Web

If my earlier podcasts weren’t excruciating enough, in this one I sing a tribute in the manner of Marilyn Monroe to Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens on the occasion of the second anniversary of his blog. I wonder if I could be sued for singing this song without paying royalties, but then again, I have […]

Right Pew, Right Church

Quickly, this being a rahhhhhther busy week for Ms. FRL, is my one blog of note for this week. (It’s really a site with a feed for its formal reports.) Did you know 36 million Americans have downloaded music? Who else would tell you that except Pew Internet and American Life? Pew regularly publishes balanced, […]

Icarus: A Great Model for Library Blogs

If you are thinking about establishing a blog for your library, let your fingers fly to Icarus, the Santa Fe Public Library blog, which lives up to its tagline as “a weblog of library news, book chat, events, websites and more.” Lead blogger Miriam Bobkoff established Icarus only a month ago, but already this blog […]