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My Blogroll

Below are some of the blogs I track (through a blogroll generated by Bloglines, that Swiss army knife of blog reading).

If you’re new to blogging, this may seem like a lot of reading. Skim, I say, skim! I don’t read all of these blogs religiously (or obsessively, depending on your take). I hone in on the library blogs, dip into the news and opinion blogs, and always read the haps from my state association. Some of my favorite blogs post very infrequently (Lipstick Librarian and Library Cog come to mind), and I dig in when I see them show up in Bloglines. That’s the joy of using an aggregator: when they post, I read ’em.

If you are using an aggregator to read blogs, whenever possible use the RSS2 feed. You’ll see when the blogger has updated a feed or when people have commented on it. Some bloggers provide multiple feeds–one for the blog and one for comments–but I find that annoying and confusing.

Note that there are a few more blogs I track that I’ve made private, so they don’t appear on this blogroll. I’m also up for suggestions for blogs I should be following.

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