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Firewire is my new best friend

One of the moderators resolved my problem with my new camcorder by saying, before you do anything buy a Firewire cable and try again. I did, and that instantly worked. I reimported a file, processed it with Nero, and burned it. The video quality was better, as well, as promised, but the big deal for me was being able to go from soup to nuts without a hitch. Film, import, edit, burn, play DVD.

I am pretty well squeezed today (this week and next, in addition to two day trips, I dwell in Grantistan, as the annual LSTA grant is due on the 21st), so I can’t unfurl this thought as well as I’d like, but my experience made me think of an interesting post at It’s All Good that talks about the “wisdom of crowds” versus “Blink.”

I wonder how much these theories are in fact congruent, not disparate. In seeking expertise from camcorder enthusiasts, I had to make some spot decisions about the advice I was getting. I know that the authority of the list’s moderators had some influence over me–if their website is perceived as authoritative, people will use it, and that will sell ads, so when they speak up, I listen. But I also found myself evaluating individual responses in terms of my life experience (that guy reminds me of so-and-so, etc.).

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