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Happy Birthday, Tame the Web

If my earlier podcasts weren’t excruciating enough, in this one I sing a tribute in the manner of Marilyn Monroe to Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens on the occasion of the second anniversary of his blog. I wonder if I could be sued for singing this song without paying royalties, but then again, I have mangled it beyond recognition.

Tame the Web is a great blog to follow for tips about training in libraries, ideas about blogging, and trends to follow for using technology for public library services. Michael’s writing is clear, professional, often funny and interesting, and never longer than it needs to be. He also lets us into his world a bit–we meet his dogs, we follow him on trips overseas–but he doesn’t overshare. Michael has a great sense when to pull in the reader with a brief personal detail, and when to draw the curtain between blog and life.

Michael has been dubbed the “Zen librarian” for his calm, poised, cheerful approach to librarianship. Read his blog for information, for entertainment, for continuing ed, but also to pick up a bit of his mellow zeitgeist.

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