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Greetings to my Internet Librarian Pals!

Except for a few false starts where I stumbled over my tongue (“Indlenet Liberrian,” etc.), this video took just a little longer to make than it plays–tape/import/add title/add ending/render/upload. Oh, and hi to Michael Casey and Greg and all the other people I didn’t know were there or forgot to name in my title slide… […]

Podcast up

So here’s yesterday’s “2.0 Gang” podcast–after being teased, I tried to remember to mute my phone while I was listening (and, um, multitasking). Laura, you could have held your own just fine in this conversation (and you too, Janie, and a few others in the comment section). Despite the title, we really skirted around folksonomies, […]

VBlog, Take 2: danah boyd greets LITA

Once again attempting to videoblog, if you call “blogging” a post that goes live (fingers crossed) eight days after the event. The first twenty miles are the hardest. This time the video blog (a brief greeting from LITA keynoter danah boyd) is in MP4 format and posted here to FRL, rather than to Does […]

Vlog Check: danah boyd greets lita

Not sure this works, but if it does, the LITA folks can blog it over LITA-way. This is a QT video of danah boyd (SIMS student, LITA keynoter, etc.) taken at the BlogHer Conference last weekend. Excuse the background noise… that’s just happy, empowered women drinking wine and noshing. Bookmark to:

Podcasting from OurMedia

This is the same file as in the previous post, this time published to OurMedia, to see if the FRL feed picks up the media enclosure even though it’s posted remotely. Bookmark to:

Podcast Test

Just a test of podcasting, restored to FRL with the re-modification of the RSS 2 templates and the latest version of Brandon Fuller’s very useful MT enclosures plugin. Thanks, Brandon. Bookmark to:

Pew Piqued by Podcasting Pokes

Pew Internet & American Life responded to comments from the blogosphere that its report on podcasting may be erroneous. They are standing by their data. Two brief thoughts on that. (Yes, I did read their memo, repeatedly.) First, and I make this deliberately broad, the report shows a lot of people are using MP3 players […]

Happy Birthday, Tame the Web

If my earlier podcasts weren’t excruciating enough, in this one I sing a tribute in the manner of Marilyn Monroe to Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens on the occasion of the second anniversary of his blog. I wonder if I could be sued for singing this song without paying royalties, but then again, I have […]

Podcasting on the Rise

Pew just released a report indicating that over 6 million people have listened to a podcast, or as Pew puts it, “this new feature that allows internet ‘broadcasts’ to be downloaded onto their portable listening device.” I felt in the eye of the storm while reading this report, as just minutes earlier I had downloaded […]

Jeff Jarvis on the F-Word

The entry I’m linking to contains a podcast about the “F-word” by Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine, and it’s not as risque as you might think. Jeff uses the magic of digital cut-and-paste to insert responses to the commissioner’s questions as if this were an interview. Amusing and mind-broadening! A great diversion on a day so […]