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For Sandy on Valentine’s Day

(Written for Rebecca Mackinnon’s Valentine Day sonnet contest. Librarians, start your engines. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the “creative nonfiction” track in my MFA program–this was truly, in every meaning, a labor of love.) Recorded Knowledge It’s Valentine’s Day. Cold and foggy in the valley. Saw my neighbor up the alley Bend down to get […]

Weekly Podcast

The topics for this week’s FRL podcast are a review of a USAToday article about podcasting, and a plea to Pimp My Blog. Text entries to FRL will follow in a day or two. As the hymn goes, I woke up this morning with my mind on podcasting (when I should have been giving a […]

Podcasting Video Tutorial A delightful, clear, device-neutral tutorial about podcasting by Lisa “Learning the Lessons of Nixon” Williams, found by way of Dan Gillmor. Bookmark to:

Presentation for Ontario Library Association

I wanted to upload the Powerpoint presentation I’m doing just over an hour from now, but Movable Type is being stubborn because it’s a big file and I don’t have a good, secure FTP client on this machine. I’ll upload it Sunday. The presentation includes a crash course in podcasts (how to find and play […]

Stone Soup Podcasting

I’m in Toronto now, having just quaffed beer with the likes of Tom Dowling, Jenny Levine, and Art Rhyno, among other luminaries. I’m trying hard to convince myself that it’s almost midnight, and my eyes are starting to get heavy (thank you, Tylenol PM!). But I wanted to talk about how I did the podcast […]

Podcasting Test

This is a test of podcasting (a special type of audio webcasting you can think of as “radio on demand”; the ‘casters produce audio files which you can download to your MP3 player or–now you will understand the name–iPod). I am attempting to podcast the following file: You should be able to play it […]