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Podcasting Test

This is a test of podcasting (a special type of audio webcasting you can think of as “radio on demand”; the ‘casters produce audio files which you can download to your MP3 player or–now you will understand the name–iPod). I am attempting to podcast the following file:

You should be able to play it from this post in any event (I can, at any rate), but the real key (Alert! Going into biblish mode!) is whether anyone can pick it up with a podcasting aggregator. I’ve modified my RSS 2 feed with Brandon Fuller’s MTEclosures container tag, after uploading his Movable Type plugin. (No wonder librarians are taken with podcasting. The language is suitably arcane.)

I’ve used up my morning “creative time” (the time I spend before I pick up my lunch pail and march to the mines), so if this doesn’t work, I’ll resume playing with it tomorrow.

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