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ALA Poll on Cuba

The new ALA newsletter, AL Direct, runs polls every week. Results of the January 25 poll:

Should ALA Council pass a resolution condemning the Cuban government for its imprisonment of dissident “independent librarians”?


(112 responses)

Now, 112 is about 2/3 the number of people on Council. So is this poll driven by the law of small numbers? If another seventy or so people took part in the poll, how would they vote? How easy is it to take the poll repeatedly (not to submit, but to be counted)? That depends on how well AL did its cookies and bugs. How about who gets AL Direct? Good question; I’ll ask. What about the self-selected nature of survey takers?

But all that aside, if this were like the Council vote of Midwinter 2004, the vote would be 95% – 5% against the idea of that resolution–not 70/30 for.

If nothing else, I know I’m not alone!

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