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AL Direct, Cuba, the ALA Dues Increase…

AL Direct is a new newsletter produced by American Libraries. It’s the kind of email newsletter I really like: newsy, colorful, interactive, and fun to read. Yes, I do prefer some newsletters by email, when it’s the best medium, and AL Direct joins CostCo (yes, CostCo), Sur le Table, Williams Sonoma, the New York Times, and just about anything from the Democratic Party for providing newsletters I not only tolerate but actively enjoy reading.

As mentioned earlier, AL Direct ran a survey on Cuba last week. I have some interesting facts to add to my post.

First, AL tells me that they had the total number of voters wrong; 591 participated (112 is the number of people who commented). When the voting finally ended, it was 75% to 25%, in favor of a resolution about Cuba in Libraries.

Second, AL advises that “Starting soon (maybe next week), we will be implementing a one-vote/one-workstation rule.” Good idea. “Once that’s in place, anyone who has voted will be able to see the results for themselves as the poll moves along. … And we will be closing the weekly polls at a standard time each week (to be announced). … Final poll results and selected comments will be included in the print version of AL each month.”

AL Direct now reaches 47,000 ALA members. Think about that when you’re planning ad space for your organization or business. Heck, I’m even thinking about it. Last month Google Newsletter and KQED radio spots… why not run an ad for MPOW in AL Direct?

I asked AL if they would consider establishing an online archive for AL Direct, and the response could be summarized as, “Now about that dues increase…”

AL Direct is a great new service, and one that AL pulls out of its hide because it wants to serve us better. Good for them–good for us. Vote for the ALA dues increase. I wouldn’t want to lose this new service.

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