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The Meme of Four

LiB tagged me, so here I go! I Googled around and noted that the meme had morphed here and there.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

Spine-label scribe, jet engine mechanic, aircraft maintenance officer, digital library manager

Four movies I could watch over and over:

The Fisher King, Desk Set, It’s a Wonderful Life, Rudy (I always cry at the end of Rudy… I love the tough little folks who try and try and try and win in the end)

Four places I’ve lived:

New York City, Germany (Huhnsruck), Korea (Suwon), San Francisco… all remarkably similar

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Law and Order SVU, Seventh Heaven, Cold Case, The L-Word. (I could lie and say I only watched a little PBS…)

Four websites I visit daily:

Google, Amazon, um… MPOW… um… my own? I touch a lot of websites through my RSS aggregator; how many do I actually interact with every day?

4 Places I have been on vacation:

Frankfurt, Germany; Meramec Caverns, Missouri ; Arnham, Belgium; Bury St. Edmund, UK

Four of my favorite foods:
Crab (Dungeness, soft-shell, whatever), raw oysters, smoked salmon, french fries

Four places I’d rather be:

Headed nowhere in particular on Route 66, riding the IRT toward the Upper West Side for a trip to the Hungarian Pastry Shop, wandering through any major city outside the United States, or sitting in an ocean-view table at the Cliff House or Beach Chalet, slurping up steamers and admiring the Pacific–as long as Sandy is with me

Four albums I can’t live without:

I’m a real barnstormer in this department. Aretha Franklin: To Be Young, Gifted and Black; Eva Cassidy: Songbird; Chanticleer: Sing We Christmas; Emma Kirkby: Time Stands Still… You should be here in HQ FRL when I’m shaking my behind to “First Snow in Kokomo”!

Four Vehicles I’ve Owned

All used; I’ve never owned a new car.

1993 Honda Civic (1998)–my current set of wheels–a reliable pal of a car, 155,000 miles and still going strong; I think of this car as the reason I can afford a second masters’ degree

Japanese Toyota (1990)–no, really, I mean a Japanese Toyota, with right-hand drive, bought for $800 from a GI in Korea who bought it from another GI who had brought it over from Okinawa

German Audi (1987-1989)–yes, a German Audi, bought in Germany from a salesman; a lovely car bought for almost nothing that served me well for two years. 100 mph on the Autobahn? No problem!

Pontiac Fiero (1985-1987)–the most abysmal piece of junk I’ve ever owned: overpriced, prone to failure, probably a flood victim, bought when I was a stupid second lieutenant; I got it off my hands at a loss and was grateful to see it go

Four people I’m tagging… hmm, let me make this fun:

Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens
Lorcan “I Only Blog for Fun” Dempsey
Michael “But I’m an Administrator!” Golrick
A Wandering Eyre … because I know who you are!

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