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Weekly Podcast

The topics for this week’s FRL podcast are a review of a USAToday article about podcasting, and a plea to Pimp My Blog. Text entries to FRL will follow in a day or two.

As the hymn goes, I woke up this morning with my mind on podcasting (when I should have been giving a final once-over to essays by Angelou and Baldwin for class tonight), and on the third try had a new podcast. Today I taught myself a little more about cut and paste, using the editing features of Audacity to remove some of the “uhs” and “ahhs” and fumbles before saving the project as an MP3. I wanted to go to the Internet Archive and find an appropriate bit of bluegrass as the intro, but it was time to render unto Caesar, so I saved the MP3, uploaded it to my blog, and put it in my entry.

Steve “Library Stuff” Cohen recorded an MP3 from a cell phone this morning, using Audioblogger. Go, Steve, go! Tonight or tomorrow I’ll see if I can pick up his MP3 with my podcast aggregator.

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