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The Fourth Estate Emerges Triumphant

Despite the protracted caterwauling of a self-selected few, American Libraries has stuck to its guns and will continue to run polls in AL Direct–rumor has it with the encouragement of ALA VIPs.

I feel the same bubble of glee that welled up in me the first time I heard NBC’s Brian Williams scold the gummint for forsaking New Orleans. Journalists with brains and backbone–I must rub my eyes and pinch myself!

In the course of this discussion, ALA Councilor-at-Random Mark Rosensweig dropped what he thought was the ultimate smoking gun: he forwarded the text of an earlier blog post of mine. Alas for Mark, the tide did not turn against me (largely because the discussion wasn’t about me to begin with, and perhaps also because more than one person on Council secretly thinks it’s funny that I refer to ALA’s 365-day-wonder Michael Gorman as “Gumby”). Mark’s post was largely ignored, because–shhhh! Don’t tell–Mark represents the small, dwindling group of “progressives” in ALA who pull their walkers together of an evening to sing the Internationale and groove on the good old days, when men were men and a gulag was something to be proud of.

Over at Editor and Publisher, Shawn Moynihan just went postal over Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s abuse of the execrable expression, “it is what is is,” and that makes for enjoyable reading. But the brandy-and-cigar moment of my day still comes from hearing that dear old American Libraries continues to have the soul of a real publication.

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