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For Sandy on Valentine’s Day

(Written for Rebecca Mackinnon’s Valentine Day sonnet contest. Librarians, start your engines. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the “creative nonfiction” track in my MFA program–this was truly, in every meaning, a labor of love.)

Recorded Knowledge

It’s Valentine’s Day.
Cold and foggy in the valley.
Saw my neighbor up the alley
Bend down to get the paper. He’s o.k.

But I would rather pay
To peek at you as you stir your tea
Reading the latest fool post from me
And know you smiled to hear me say

Michael’s blog is very nice.
Why are catalogs hard to use?
I saw a movie I didn’t like.
I read a neat thing on Library News.
Yet of all random thoughts to carve in ice
Nothing compares to my love for you.

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