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Bad Cold

(I cannot mention having a cold without commenting how much I enjoyed Annette Bening in Being Julia. She particularly shone in a wickedly funny ending that involves a stage character with a cold. Bening makes me proud to be middle-aged.)

My joy on Mondays is to talk about what I’ve been reading. I do have new-to-me authors to talk about (William Gass, among others). However, last night I fell asleep early with a sore throat and woke up this morning groggy, foggy, and sick, but with a massive pile of site review for the forthcoming MPOW. (The geeks among you will get this one: as I test our new content system, I keep singing–albeit in a croak–“Permissions,” to the tune of “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof.)

I do have an entry about a blog of note that will automagically publish itself tomorrow, thanks to Movable Type’s Miracle of Future-Dating, but the book talk will have to wait a day or two; it’s all I can do to finish my homework, as I’m presenting in class on Nabokov’s “Perfect Past.”

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