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Blogs of Note: Global Voices

I had just about thought I couldn’t get it together to review a blog this week when I saw a link to a fascinating entry about the protests and crackdown in Uzbekistan on the Global Voices blog.

Global Voices, emanating from that idea bunny, the Berkman Center, provides a great look at issues worldwide through the voices of citizens. It’s a fabulous global conversation and a refreshing alternative to the U.S.-centric worldview pushed by the mainstream media. Global Voices even has a wiki which serves as kind of an uber-watering-hole for planning and guiding GV.

The daily roundups on Global Voices are particularly interesting. I’m going to recommend them to MPOW’s staff as one more place to skim for global events. A reindeer war–who knew?

While she steps back and lets the world talk on Global Voices, this blog gains a lot of its approachability and interest value from the involvement of Rebecca MacKinnon, who on her personal blog, RConversation, describes herself as “a recovering TV reporter-turned-blogger.” (Though that should really be “a recovering TV reporter, turned blogger.” Sorry, I’m still in rewrite mode.)

The next time we get some ridiculous “runaway bride” media blitz, I may stop reading all U.S. news and track the world on Global Voices until the MSM calms down again. Meanwhile, put Global Voices in your aggregator and recommend it to patrons interested in world events.

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