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Michael Stephens’ Blog Survey, and Away to CLA

Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens has a blog survey happenin’… if you blog, take the survey. He claims it takes half an hour and I did it in seven minutes, but in talking to Michael he said most people waxed prolix on the survey questions, and I was very telegraphic.

Now I’m off to the California state conference; I’ll meet many MPOW users, hand out a lot of SWAG (which I plan to photograph as soon as I see it, since it’s going straight to the booth), and do three dog and pony shows.

I’ve had some great trickle-down experiences with my talk at Internet Librarian–people who have contacted me about MPOW and then said, “I heard you speak about ethics…” I like the way our many synapses fire in so many directions, the complex neural network of librarianship.

When I get to the airport this morning, I’ll try to post an entry about what I’m reading and writing, and about another conference I’m attending this coming weekend at The Institute for the Future of the Book (which is about as far away from CLA as I can imagine).

Now may I arrive at CLA with my PDA recharger, the right number (and color) of shoes and socks, my booth location, my hotel res, and anything else that will make life easier…

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