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This Uppity Lesbian Is Telling You to Blame Someone Else

We’ve already heard the hints (including from Di-Fi) that gay-rights supporters helped bring down the election. Please, find other folks to blame. Yes, conservatives turned out in record numbers to vote for “values,” and yes, Republicans exploited the gay rights issues.

But two things. First, the younger electorate is overwhelmingly with us on this issue. Second, the Republicans will always find something to exploit. Look how they demolished the political career of Max Cleland. Not since Nixon have we seen such dirty tricks. Karl Rove makes Donald Segretti look like a saint.

Not only that, a lot of Democrats who personally support gay rights hung back on this issue, or even, in the case of Kerry, denied us three times. Did that convince the conservatives? Of course not. Did that galvanize the last 10% of voters who held back on Kerry because he was perceived as too opportunistic, too wooden, too (dare I say it) flip-floppy? These folks could have come out to vote for their values, but instead they stayed home. As robust as turnout was, even for Democrats, some people didn’t vote, and some of them were people whose votes we needed. (Turnout was down from 2000 in Alameda County, for example, if SFGate’s data is correct.)

If you think the electorate is truly one-minded on this issue, ask yourself how openly-gay Democrat Lupe Valdez won the race for sheriff. In Dallas. Yes, Dallas, in the heart of Bush country, now has a gay female Latina sheriff.

I would also call on other gay librarians with blogs to be more forthcoming about their own opinions and ideas (in whatever direction) on this issue. You won’t get stoned to death for speaking up. The closet’s a fine and private place, but none I think do there embrace.

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