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Something is amiss with CommentPress; the blog I set up for my presentation won’t display the posts. I’ve installed CommentPress before on other sites, so I’m assuming the latest version of CommentPress isn’t playing with the latest version of WordPress.

Ohhhhkayyyy. I’ll make sure I have the boring, predictable, but safe PowerPoint, but I’ll also do a blog post with all the links and plan on going live, with voice-over and live links.

Between the time change and the two-hour time zone difference (not to mention less than 72 hours on the ground between trips), I’m very confused… it’s a good night to cocoon with a salad, junk TV, and my talk. But the view from my room is wonderful — I’m on a high floor at the Hyatt in Denver, and it’s all very urban, glittery, and glamorous.

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